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February 15, 2011

I read on Sprinkles Bakes that one can make Mascarpone Cheese at home.  I was overjoyed by this revelation.  I long to make batches of Tiramisu, but can’t stomach paying for the cheese at the store. Seriously, that is what stopped me from making batches and batches of Tiramisu.  I am so excited, but I remember I must curb my enthusiasm until I look at the actual method and recipe.  I read the ingredients of the first recipe Cream and Tartanic Acid.  I surf to find out what in the world Tartanic Acid is??? I discover that it is what Cream of Tarter is made from.  I go to bed that evening dreaming of going to the store for cream and enigma acid.  The next day, I find a similar recipe but this time  no Tartanic Acid is needed.  This recipe calls for lemon juice, which my husband states “oh, yes of course just a different organic acid” (always the chemical engineer!).

I go to my neighborhood grocery store and get a few things plus CREAM.  I look in the baking aisle and ask the woman stocking spices for Tartanic Acid.  She looks at me like I am crazy.  I am feeling a bit smug at this point because I am all knowing, however, I have only known for less than 15 hours.  She recommends going to the Nature Center part of the store and I ask the woman stocking there (wow, two people working in the aisles I need what are the odds to be able to ask for help) I also get the your are crazy look  from her as well.  Never fear…I will just use lemon juice.

I head home to make the cheese.  Both recipes state that the cream should reach 190 degress in 15minutes.  I have been cooking this cream for well over 15 minutes and my thermometer will not budge. I am grumpy.  I am distraught.  I am tired of standing in front of my stove stirring so I do the next thing to giving up.   I throw the Tablespoon of lemon juice in the cream and place the cream in the microwave on power 60 for 3 minutes.  I am quite discouraged at this point.  I dump the cream into the coffee filter lined strainer over my batter bowl and place on the back deck to cool. 

I then put it in the fridge overnight.  Of course, I was doing this with a chip on my shoulder and slamming doors.  The next day around 3 in the afternoon I have calmed down enough.   I pull it out and immediately see that it has firmed up overnight. I am overjoyed.  Next step: what to do with this new cheese! Stay tuned!

so simple, so much cheaper


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  1. Steve permalink

    Great,! Fab etc

  2. MKB permalink

    I love your food! I think that someday you should invent your own recipes. I know someone that would really love to help!

  3. Great job!

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