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March 9, 2011

You know what you can do when you make homemade greek  yogurt?  You can listen to your daughter and put it in your ice cream maker!

adding yogurt to the ice cream maker

Then pour in peanut butter (we used Trader Joe’s all natural)

Peanut Butter into ice cream maker

Let it stir, churn, mix.

Then serve.

You scream, I scream for FROGURT!

Oh wait!  Maybe add caramel sauce!

Caramel Peanut Butter Frozen Yogurt

This tasted so indulgent, but remember I used skim milk.  Plus, I think a lot of the lactose is lost when the whey separates out.

We also made another batch with macerated strawberries.



Greek Yogurt (homemade or store bought)

Flavor of your choice

Add to already frozen ice cream container.  Once the yogurt is frozen turn off.  Best eaten immediately as it gets very hard in the freezer.

How to macerate strawberries

Slice 1-2 cups of fresh (I guess you can used thawed ones as well) strawberries and add 1-2 T of balsmic vinegar and 1 tbls of agave nectar (or another sweetner of you choice) .

Crush berries and let sit for 30 mintues or up to several hours.  Macerating berries brings out the juice. It is so good.


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  1. Romaine permalink

    two comments – that Frogurt looks delicious!! Second, what do you do with macerated strawberries?

  2. BravoGolf permalink

    I’ll bet you added the strawberries in the second batch to replace the Trader Joes all-natural peanut butter. Am I correct?

  3. Thank you, Romaine. Yes BG, I used the macerated berries to my second batch of yogurt. It is so good. Thankfully, TJ did not discontinue the Natural Peanut Butter, just their Peanut Flour.

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