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Rice Cereal Chicken

April 7, 2011

Sometimes I use recipes as merely suggestions on how to make something.  I almost always change the ingredients to suit my pantry needs.  I will find one recipe and decide to make it, go buy the groceries, re-skim the recipe and look for another one.  I knew I wanted to try making chicken coated in Chex Cereal (which I used store brand Corn flavor).  I searched and a few recipes wanted me to bake the chicken for 45-60 minutes.  YIKES.  When I take the chicken out of the oven, we will be enjoying a fine dinner of shoe leather.  After more searching I found this one and quickly scanned to see that it needed to bake for just 20 minutes.  That’s more like it! The funny thing is, I was preparing the food while scanning the recipe and realized way into making the food that it called for Honey Nut Chex.  I did not even realize it.  Regardless, dinner was fabulous and I would repeat this recipe. I also encourage you to be creative, cook to your preferences.  As always I had leftovers (which I encourage making too much of this dish on purpose since you are dipping each piece, why not make extras)

Coconut Rice Cereal Chicken (adapted from

Pre-heat oven to 425 degrees F


4 large breasts chicken cut into tender size pieces

1 1/2 c unsweetened coconut

2 1/2 cups crushed Rice Chex Cereal (any brand will work)

1 egg

1/4 cream or milk

pepper to taste

1/4 c cheese (Asiago, parmesan, mozzarella)


Mix the coconut, crushed cereal, pepper, and cheese together in a shallow bowl.  In a bowl large enough to dip chicken in, mix egg and cream (or milk)  till combined.  Dip each tender in egg mixture and roll into cereal mixture.  Repeat till all are covered. This is messy work.  Lay them on a cookie sheet that is well-greased or sprayed with cooking spray.  Bake for 20 minutes or until cooked through ( I cut the biggest tender in half to check).  Serve with veggies.  Would be good with a honey mustard dipping sauce, but was awesome without.

Coconut and Cereal

Chicken Tender in Milk Bath

Coated Tenders

Hey, where is the picture of the finished chicken? I am wondering the same thing.  This recipe made the house smell great!  Enjoy!


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  1. Dawn permalink

    This looks AMAZING!! Will definitely need to try this one!

  2. Katie B permalink

    We have also done a similar recipe with cap’n crunch cereal and 1/2 cap’n crunch, 1/2 special k (this is the version we all prefer for taste!). So good!!!

    • Does the cap’n crunch make it really sweet or just awesome? Our local grocery store has a pre made breaded chicken with that cereal.

  3. Hi, I just hopped over to your web-site via StumbleUpon. Not somthing I would normally read, but I appreciated your views none the less. Thank you for making some thing worth browsing.

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