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Jar of Deliciousness!

May 4, 2011

My daughter loves my cooking.  She often states that she wishes I could jar up my deliciousness and we would have our first million.  All the home chefs would just add the jar to anything and it would taste spectacular!  While I wish that it could be that easy I did make a jar of deliciousness today that would be good on certain things (ice cream, waffles, hot chocolate, coffee, brownies and other sweet things).

I had some goat’s milk in my refrigerator and was planning on trying my hand at making Feta Cheese.  I read a few recipes and was not really getting motivated to make the cheese.  I searched for Goat’s Milk Recipes and found a recipe for Cajeta. Cajeta is a milk caramel sauce.  I did not know this 3 hours ago.  I had all the ingredients on hand, I was cold, and curious so I made Cajeta.  What does cold have to do with it?  You have to stand in front of your stove for 45 minutes stirring the milk to prevent it from burning or boiling over. Trust me it can boil over very easily!

oops.... boiled over!

Despite the time this takes and the mess on my stove, this is so worth it!




I am reluctant to rave about this caramel because sometimes things do not live up to their hype.  Regardless, I am going to rave.  This is so delicious!  This is almost good enough to lick off the floor. It is lick the spoon clean and hope there is more.  It has so many layers of flavors.  So tasty.  So rich.  Very indulgent.

Cajeta (found here)


4 cups goat milk

1 cup sugar

1/4 tsp baking soda

(the original recipe calls for corn starch to make it thicker, it was optional so I left it out)

The Method:

Dissolve the baking soda in a smaller amount of milk.  Pour the remaining milk into large sauce pan and add sugar.  Turn the heat onto medium, allowing it to heat slowly to not scald the milk.  Once sugar is dissolved, add the baking soda milk.  I did this about 2 minutes into cooking.  Allow the milk to boil and continue on a soft boil while stirring the whole time.  I used a non-stick sauce pan with a silicone whisk.  Keep stirring.  It will start to change colors from white to tan to a darker tan.  I kept adjusting the heat up and down to maintain the boil without letting it boil over (a second time).


I have some good news!  You can try to make this with cow’s milk, if you do not have any goat’s milk.   Enjoy!


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  1. Shantelle permalink

    Ooh, I may have to try this as well!! Thanks for the inspiration!!

  2. Dawn permalink

    I wonder if it would work with soy milk…hmm, may have to try it.

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